Harp Seal

Harp Seal Pup

Michael with Harp Seal-1

Michael hugs Harp Seal Pup

The annual harp seal slaughter occurs every year, during March, along the coast of Newfoundland and Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada. Michael Bailey organized and directed numerous expeditions and campaigns to directly protect the seals and create the international public outcry which resulted in the ending of their commercial killing.

Escorting figures such as noted actress Brigitte Bardot to the icefloes, and involving international broadcast and print media were also essential parts of the seal-saving efforts.

My last major expedition was conducted on board the environmental vessel “Rainbow Warrior”. The infant harp seals were being slaughtered by lare Norwegian and Canadian sealing vessels which combed the frozen icefloes. As a response to public outcry, and concerted effort on behalf of numberous wildlife protection organizations, the European Parliament adopted a ban on the importation of baby seal furs and products.

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