We are bring the world of young, environmental journalists together in support of grass roots conservation efforts worldwide.  When the people understands the environmental challenges we face, they will come together to make the world a better place for all.  Local people understand local problems but often lack the resource they need to address those problems.  When we support local environmentalists around the world, we will solve local problems and save the world.

The World Conservation Conference is coming to Hawaii in September 2016.  We will bring together a team of young journalists from around the world to document the event.  We the local support team, experienced in event management and video production that will train these journalists in modern techniques of video production.  They will then produce and publish documentation of the World Conservation Conference.

When they return home, they will continue to learn what they learn in support of their local conservation efforts.

We need your support. When you want to be involved, contact us here.

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