Nashville, Tennessee. Honorable Al Gore


Left to right: Director Rob Kinslow, Producer Michael Bailey, Mr. Al Gore and Production Associate June HolteContent goes here

Michael Bailey and members of the Planetviews Productions team are trained in the science and art of presenting  slide show materials and  current science inspired by the award-winning film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’

As original members of ‘The Climate Project’ founded by Al January 2007, the Planetviews team participated as members of a selected group of 200 people to advance the presentation skills and knowledge presented by Al Gore and a team of respected international scientists.

 In recent years ‘ The Climate Project’ operating from Mr Gore’s home town of Nashville Tennessee evolved into The Climate Reality Project global network. The Climate Reality Project involves  thousands of trainees and informed individuals advocating for both local and global actions pertaining to climate change impacts, causes and solutions.

The Climate Reality Project is based in Washington DC

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