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Michael Bailey Conservation Documentarian

Michael Bailey is a noted conservationist and adventure television program producer who places a high degree of emphasis on action. As a key aspect of this, he periodically conducts research and analysis of diverse situations involving environmental issues and humanity as a whole.

Michaels true calling was found young in life, when diving, conservation and international travel adventures began at age 17. At age 21 he began directing high seas expeditions which provided key film images for acclaimed feature television documentaries such as the National Geographic Great Whales documentary, ABC Television Networks American Sportsman Whales documentary and Turner Broadcastings From No Mans Land a Porpoise Cries.

Living and surviving on frozen iceflows in sub-zero conditions and enduring weeks of continuous action in storm -tossed seas proved to be excellent training experiences for his present activities, which include field cameraman and expedition organizer.

Michael is experienced with directing wildlife conservation projects in cooperation with television and news media agencies such as Turner Broadcasting, Cable News Network, BBC and TV-3 United Kingdom, Chinese Public Television-Taiwan, Asahi News Japan and National Geographic magazine. His camerawork sometimes graces the Animal Planet cable channel.

Conducting multimedia presentations at conferences, universities, Earth Day events and other forums is also a key aspect of Michaels ongoing efforts to advance public education and further outreach into the international community.

Present endeavors include working within native tribes and villages in Alaska, and Canada to protect and preserve the sensitive Arctic ecosystem. Advancing news media campaigns in Hawaii to protect native species, cultural sites and Hawaiian traditions is also an ongoing initiative.
Much of this work pertains to documenting the environmental and social challenges being faced as a result of industrial development and environmental changes.

Currently creating productions using digital video technology, Michaels skills include video and still photography, script-writing and producing. He is experienced with a variety of digital video editing programs.

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Michael Bailey
758 Kapahulu Avenue, #422, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816 USA
Tel: 808-306-4386 * Email: * Fax: 808-733-7808

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